Daniel John Croke – John Croke Tribute

John Croke

Tribute to John Croke

Daniel John Croke Sunnybank – This is my tribute to my father John Croke.  John Croke was born in India and as a young man he met and married Amita Croke.  In 1958 they had a son who they named Daniel John Croke. In 1961 the Coke family migrated to Australia. John Croke , Amita Croke and Daniel John Croke lived in Melbourne for a short time then later settled in Sunnybank Brisbane in Queensland. John Croke always said that he moved the Croke family to Brisbane as he preferred the warmer weather.

John Croke Antique Valuer

During John Croke’s working life he loved investing in antiques.  John saw himself as an antique valuer. Dan Croke and John would constantly be doing the rounds of garage sales in Sunnybank and Brisbane generally honing John’s skills in valuing antiques. His son Daniel John Croke and his wife Amita Croke would accompany him on his rounds.  John Croke’s passion was infectious and his son Daniel John Croke would later follow in John’s footsteps and invest in antiques. Dan Croke’s investment in antiques would become a big part of life around the Croke household.

John Croke Real Estate

As John Croke made money from his investment in antiques he turned his attention to investing in Real Estate in Brisbane Queensland.  Dan and John loved doing the rounds of open houses and took Amita with them, it was a real family affair where they all guessed the values.  Daniel John Croke later followed in John’s footsteps and made investments in Brisbane Real Estate.  John was always Dan’s mentor and provided guidance and support.

John Croke in Retirement

Now that John’s wife Amita has been gone for several years, John Croke is living in a retirement village. John still loves valuing antiques and has a keen interest in his Real Estate investments.  John still helps Daniel John Croke with his skills as a antique valuer by vetting potential Antique investments and is always there to discuss Real Estate investments with his family and friends around Brisbane and Queensland.